Monday, December 27, 2010

Token Strike At Travancore Devaswom Board

Programme Notice

Yogakshemasabha is organising a one day token hunger strike ( soochana nirahara sathyagraham) in front of Travancore Devaswom Board HQ @ Trivandrum on 29th Wednesday. The action seeks remedy for several anomalies thrust upon by the board on priests in temples under its administration. You may remember about the "dharna" conducted in front of Secretariat on July 7th, thus the issue was brought to serious attention of Government. As a result of constant follow-up actions (read - lobbying), a consensus has reached in all Departments and political parties concerned with affairs of Devaswom that our demands are simply just and long pending.

Leaders of all major political parties and Hindu movements have agreed to be present on the strike venue. Final preparations are in full swing. The sabha leadership is fully confident to pull off the agitation to a highly successful end. We expect a gathering of 2500 members.
On behalf of Hon Sabha President, the organising committee invites one and all members of our brotherhood to be present at the gates of TDB Head Quarters at 9:00 am on 29th Dec. 2010.

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"Praneetha" Premarital Guidance Course

Post marital issues, silent sufferings, traumas and eventual divorce are not a thing of future for our families now-a-days.

"Praneetha" is Yogakshemasabha's programme intended to impart pre-marital guidance to our youth, soon to enter into nuptial vows. The programme devised by YKS Kottayam District and set to be implemented state-wide was inaugurated on 25th Dec by Sabha President Sri Akeeraman Kalidasan Bhattathirippad, at Kottayam.

An expert group of trainers has been formed with Dr. Jamuna Mohan, (mail id: as its co-coordinator. They have completed training of counselors, who will be conducting camps in all districts of the state.

The passing out of trainers and the first camp was concluded at Kumaranallor on 25th and 26th, was attended by 15 girls and 15 boys.

A series of 2 day camps are planned with sessions on our traditions, personality, meditation, a dose of psychology, human biology, spirituality and open interaction with parents.

Sabha expects and requests all parents and teens to come forward and tap this opportunity to prepare themselves better for a more fulfilling and meaningful marital relationship. It also appeals all Brahmin groups to take up, conduct and sponsor such camps for their children in their families/circles.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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